Firewalls are computer network devices that protect a network from other less trusted networks. They are essentially network access control devices that permit and deny different types of traffic to travel into and out of an organization's network. Most often, firewalls are placed at the network boundary to protect an organization from the great, unwashed masses on the Internet.

Certification Program

Here at ICSA Labs, we direct a certification program aimed at testing the security of commercially available firewall products. In our Firewall Lab, we security test a significant number of the firewall products available on the market today. Only those firewall products that meet - and continue to meet - our criteria requirements may display our ICSA Certified Firewall Label. Check out those products that have the distinction of being ICSA Labs Certified Firewall Products.


Testing by trained ICSA Labs firewall analysts is conducted against a standard set of functional and assurance criteria elements. ICSA Labs is presently testing firewalls against the Modular Firewall Product Certification Criteria version 4.2. To learn more about the criteria, and to view or obtain past and present incarnations of our criteria, click here.

Continuous Deployment

Once tested, vendor firewall products remain continuously deployed on-site in our Firewall Lab. Continuous Deployment affords our Firewall Lab analysts the opportunity to routinely upgrade and quickly test products against the latest security vulnerabilities that arise. Firewall products continuously deployed in our Firewall Lab range from products that you've heard of to a number of others that maybe you should have!


Vendors of firewall products are encouraged to join the ICSA Labs Firewall Product Developers Consortium (FWPD). Consortium members that attend regularly scheduled FWPD meetings have the opportunity to influence the development of the ICSA Labs Firewall Product Certification Program and its criteria. Visit these links to learn more about the FWPD and to view the current membership roster that has grown to include over 40 vendors.