Firewall Testing Criteria - Evolution

ICSA Labs performs security testing of firewall products against a standard yet evolving set of criteria requirements. Our Firewall Security Certification Testing Criteria is composed of both functional and assurance requirements. Together, these criteria requirements define an industry-accepted standard that all security products claiming to have network firewall capabilities must attain.

Criteria Evolution

Today, ICSA Labs performs firewall security testing against version 4.2 of the ICSA Labs firewall testing criteria

Our firewall testing criteria matured over the years to keep pace with how the firewall industry has evolved.  With the input of a consortium comprised of over 40 firewall security vendors, ICSA Labs developed its firewall security testing criteria to reflect the security and functional requirements across several market segments.

For those of you interested in the criteria's progress over time, check out our links below to earlier versions.

Industry Input

New versions of the firewall testing criteria are authored by ICSA Labs with input from leading firewall vendors. After all, what better resources are there to use when developing a firewall testing standard than the makers of such devices?

ICSA Labs solicits and welcomes input on its testing requirements from the firewall industry, end users, security experts and the information security industry as a whole.