The term “Internet of Things” or IoT is a very broad term referring to many kinds and types of devices and sensors that heretofore had not been network-connected. The intent of the ICSA Labs Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing Framework document is to be a starting point for developing a more specific set of testable, security-related requirements for a unique class of IoT devices and their component parts.

The ICSA Labs Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing Framework is not a stand-alone set of criteria for any particular type of device or sensor. Instead, our Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing Framework is focused on specifying security testing requirements for distinct classes of IoT device types. ICSA Labs works with prospective IoT testing customers, by first building a unique set of requirements from the framework prior to testing the customer's IoT device or sensor and its component parts.  

Once the criteria requirements are set, ICSA Labs performs recurring security testing.  IoT devices and sensors that meet the security requirements following successful testing of the device and its component parts are awarded ICSA Labs IoT Certification.