IoT Adoption:  Enterprises Demand Security

By all accounts there are billions of network-connected devices and sensors on the Internet today.  Not counting mobile phones and traditional network devices like PCs, industry analysts forecast upwards of fifty billion network-accessible "things" by 2020.  While IoT's potential possibilities are seemingly endless, two crucial components of widespread IoT adoption by enterprises have been overlooked:

Security and Privacy.

Security Vulnerabilities Abound

Study after study has revealed vulnerabilities in Internet-connected IoT devices and sensors.  And not just weaknesses in one or two devices - but in thousands of them.  Thus, it may come as no surprise when survey results conducted by analyst firms identify security and privacy concerns among the chief barriers to IoT adoption by enterprises.

Certification Testing Can Help

ICSA Labs is an ISO-accredited, independent, third-party testing lab with 25 years of computer and network security testing experience. Using the ICSA Labs Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing Framework as a basis, we formulate test requirements for any IoT device type and its component parts. We then perform security and privacy related tests mapping to those criteria requirements.  A tested device is awarded certification following successful testing of it and its component parts .
ICSA Labs IoT security testing helps organizations reduce their supply chain risk and improve their market standing.  Certification testing also frees up your internal resources from vulnerability and patch management, protects the customer's as well as your own sensitive information, and avoids the high cost of remediation.



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