IPSec is a developing architecture that has the goal to provide interoperable, cryptographically-based security services for IP layer environments.

ICSA Labs is currently testing products submitted against the Version 3.0 criteria.

Certification testing is offered against IKEv1 Basic (pre-shared secret authentication) requirements, IKEv1 Enhanced requirements (Digital Certificate Authentication). ICSA Labs is also currently testing products submitted for testing against the IKEv2 Basic requirements (pre-shared secret authentication) and against the IKEv2 Enhanced requirements (Digital Certificate Authentication). A vendor may also elected to be tested against both IKEv1 and IKEv2 requirements at the same time.

Interested in being tested?  Interested in joining the IPSec Product Developers Consortium? IPsec developers should contact Harry Brittain via e-mail or phone at 717.790.8111.