IPSec Criteria

The current ICSA Labs IPsec certification testing criteria is version 3.1.  Security product gateways tested in ICSA Labs' IPsec interoperability and security testing program must pass all of the relevant requirements during testing in order to attain (or retain) ICSA Labs IPsec certification.

The set of criteria requirements consists of a baseline set of requirements that an IPsec  product must meet to attain what ICSA Labs calls, IPsec 3.1 Basic Certification.  Security product vendors are tested against the IKEv2 set of requirements. Additionally, security product vendors may elect to have ICSA Labs test their candidate IPsec  product beyond the Basic set, testing against requirements related to digital certificate authentication.  Candidate IPsec  products that additionally meet these digital certificate authentication requirements are granted IPsec 3.0 Enhanced Certification

For more specific information on the differences between IPsec Basic and IPsec Enhanced interoperability and security certification testing, please refer to the testing criteria.

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