Broadband Home Routers

Program Overview

Managed broadband home routers (MBHR) are a type of firewall appliance used to protect home networks. Though they afford the home user the ability to administer them, MBHR devices can be remotely managed by the home user's Internet Service Provider.   ICSA Labs certified MBHRs offer consumers a higher level of security assurance than those not otherwise tested.  In ICSA Labs' managed broadband home routers security certification testing, expert ICSA Labs firewall analysts evaluate the product's effectiveness.  ICSA Labs tests how well it identifies safe versus harmful data and whether or not the MBHR denys access to malicious data.  

Overview of the Testing Criteria Requirements

In testing ICSA Labs will ensure that the product provides protection out-of-the-box.  The labs will test to confirm that the MBHR employs a default security policy permitting outbound traffic while blocking all attempts to send traffic inbound to the home user's network.  Following the testing of permitted and blocked network traffic, testing will determine whether or not remote administration is possible.  The labs will test that authentication is required and that it is sufficiently strong to protect home users.  Logging too will be tested.  And as with all ICSA Labs firewall security testing, the labs will test the product to determine whether it can withstand inbound attacks.