Managed Broadband Home Routers

Program Overview

Managed Broadband Home Routers (BHR) are considered a type of firewall appliance. As such, the Managed BHR certification program has been launched as part of ICSA Labs’ Network Firewall Program. This program was established in 1995 and evaluates the effectiveness and security measures of network firewalls.

Managed Broadband Home Router (BHR) Certification testing, evaluates a broadband home router’s (BHR) effectiveness in identifying safe versus harmful data, and then denying access to malicious data. Certified BHRs, which are generally used to connect computers on a home network to the Internet, can offer consumers a higher level of security assurance.

Version 1.0 of the Managed BHR Certification Criteria can be found here:

Requirements Overview

These requirements are targeted at vendor Managed Broadband Home Router (BHR) products designed to provide access to the Internet for the home market and is able to be managed remotely by the end users’ Internet Service Provider. Managed BHR products satisfying the requirements in this module will not necessarily include functionality to configure Access Control Rules. Instead, a default security policy permitting at least a handful of standard services outbound from private hosts must be in effect such that upon installation, the product is ready to use. The product may retrieve its public IP address from a remote source. Also, once the product is properly installed a security policy denying all traffic inbound originating from the public must be in effect. Finally, the capability must exist for remote administrators to authenticate at the product. Any use of administrative functions from a public facing interface on the product is preceded by successful authentication.

Certified Managed Broadband Home Router Products

The first Managed BHR products certified were the Actiontec family of wireless home routers, which includes MI424-WR Rev.E and MI424-WR Rev.F. (Follow this link to access the ICSA Labs certification lab report for these products):

Additional products will be posted to the certified products page as certification is granted.