The Need for Safe Mobile Apps

Mobile computing continues to be a high priority for enterprises.  And while it offers many benefits, there are also significant risks - especially from weaknesses in the company's own custom-made mobile apps.  These mobile apps, developed for use by customers, employees, and partners, may unwittingly divulge sensitive customer or proprietary information and be vulnerable to attack.  A public unveiling of such shortcomings following a data breach could damage the company's brand and reputation and may lead to regulatory violations, fines, and litigation.

What's the Solution?

ICSA Labs typically assesses mobile apps in terms of four categories: maliciousness, authentication, vulnerability, and privacy.  Our mobile app testing "scope of assessment" against which mobile app testing is performed includes upwards of twenty app security-related assessment elements mapping to the four categories. From there ICSA Labs uses a mix of uniquely powerful tools and techniques to test not only code quality but code security and privacy protections as well.

With nearly 25 years of computer and network security testing experience your company need look no further for a trusted, competent mobile app security and privacy testing partner.