Your Company & Customers Need Safe Mobile Apps

While mobile computing remains a high priority and offers many benefits, it is not without risks. Enterprise must ensure that their mobile apps - both those custom made as well as those approved for use on employee devices - adequately protect the enterprise's brand and reputation. The last thing that an enterprise wants is to expose proprietary or sensitive customer information and open itself up to regulatory violations, fines, and litigation.

Who Is Developing Your Enterprise's Apps?

Not every enterprise has the time, resources, expertise, or desire to develop its own apps. In fact, recent studies indicate an almost even split between those enterprises having their apps developed internally versus having their custom apps developed by a 3rd party.

Framing the Mobile App Problem

Especially for the many enterprises that have some or all of their apps developed externally by third party developers, the problem in terms of security and privacy is threefold:

  1. Questionable software development processes and procedures by little-known app developers.
  2. Inadequate application security test tools for mobile apps.
  3. Uncertainty whether apps are vulnerable to attack, violate best practices or meet regulatory standards.


What's the Solution?

With 20+ years of computer and network security testing experience complemented by ISO 9001 & 17025 accreditations, your company need look no further for a trusted, competent testing partner. There are four areas of focus in ICSA Labs' mobile app testing program. We assess mobile apps in terms of maliciousness, vulnerability, privacy, and reliability.

Prior to launching this testing program, ICSA Labs researched the available mobile platforms. Based on this research ICSA Labs created and refined more than twenty individual assessment elements against which we measure mobile apps. From there the labs uses a mix of uniquely powerful tools and techniques to test not only code quality but code security and privacy protections as well.

Interested in App Testing?

For enterprises, app stores, mobile phone makers and any others interested in an assessment of your mobile apps, please contact ICSA Labs via e-mail or call 717.790.8143.