Certified Solutions

Do Your Devices Guard Against Network-Related Compromise?

Peripheral devices often contain complex software, operating systems, memory and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capabilities. Since they are network accessible, they can provide an opportunity for hackers to compromise security through data theft, denial of service attacks, or the introduction of malware.

ICSA Labs Network Attached Peripheral Security (NAPS) Certification Program

Here at ICSA Labs, we can test network attached peripherals and help vendors remediate potential vulnerabilities. With the NAPS certification program, vendors receive a full year of product testing. Only those products that meet – and continue to meet – our criteria requirements will receive an ICSA Labs certification. Once certified, devices are awarded the ICSA Labs certification logo and receive publicly available marketing and technical reports.

Network Attached Equipment that could benefit from NAPS certification:

• Printers
• Copiers
• Postage machines
• UPS systems
• Point-of-sale systems
• Digital signs
• Proximity readers
• Security cameras
• Power, lighting, and HVAC systems
• Vending machines

ICSA Labs NAPS certification is comprehensive, documented and verifiable. Testing includes:

• Evaluation of documentation to verify that it enables an administrator to securely administer the device
• Confirmation that the device uses a secure administrative interface
• Validation that configuration information is persistent across system crashes and restarts
• Security testing to verify that the device is protected from exploitation and doesn't introduce any known vulnerabilities to the network
• Functional Testing to verify the device certified can be operated securely and as a reasonable user would expect
• Logging to enable administrators to properly audit security-related events