Enterprises face an ever-evolving set of threats & vulnerabilities. Because of this, ICSA Labs tests network IPS devices:

  • annually against these and other criteria requirements (e.g., latency, DoS, logging, etc.).
  • when necessary to ensure that fixes resulting from testing get incorporated into shipping code

At ICSA Labs, certified network IPS devices meet 100% of the requirements against which they are tested.  In terms of security coverage protection testing ICSA Labs even verifies all coverage protection misses by running the real attacks through the products under test against the actual vulnerable systems.  And unlike others, ICSA Labs uses real background traffic into which attacks are injected.

No one else tests like this or as frequently.  In fact most are content to report test results with little interest in helping make products better (which is why we test as often as we do and why we make sure fixes find their way into shipping code).