NIPD Charter Member Statements

Below are statements ICSA Labs received from many of the Network IPS Product Developer consortium's charter members regarding the importance and relevance of a consortium of network IPS product developers.

IBM Internet Security Systems

"As IPS has emerged as the most effective security solution for pre-emptive security, there has also been a growing number of misperceptions of how IPS can and should be defined," said Mark Butler, director of product marketing at Internet Security Systems. "By working through this consortium of reputable third-party experts, we will help set a core definition of criteria for IPS that will ultimately help businesses more effectively evaluate their needs and make informed purchasing decisions."

McAfee, Inc.

"McAfee is pleased to be a charter member of the ICSA Labs Network IPS Product Developers consortium. With network IPS now established as a mainstream security technology, ICSA Labs' efforts in this area are both timely and valuable in providing enterprise customers with an additional level of confidence when selecting IPS solutions. As such, we are committed to working with leading, third-party organizations like ICSA Labs," said Vimal Solanki, director of product marketing for network security solutions at McAfee, Inc. "With the help of independent third-party reviews, we will work to establish next-generation network IPS test standards and methodologies that reflect today's mission-critical user requirements. We look forward to collaborating with ICSA Labs and other charter members of the consortium to achieve this objective."

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com

"TippingPoint is proud to be a charter member of this group," said TippingPoint CTO Marc Willebeek-LeMair. "After three years of deployment in customer environments, IPS is a mature technology. However, there are still misconceptions and confusion about product requirements, testing criteria and how it fits in with other security technologies. The ICSA Labs Network IPS Product Developers consortium will help educate the market and determine standards."

Juniper Networks, Inc.

"Juniper Networks has a history of innovation and being a key founding member of co-operative industry efforts, and hence is glad to continue this tradition as a charter member of the ICSA Labs Network IPS Product Developers consortium", said Sanjay Beri, Director of Product Management for Juniper Network's Security Products Group. "As security technologies such as IPS mature and get more widely deployed at the perimeter and internally in mission-critical networks, the clear need is for these technologies to incorporate robust networking functionality and best-of-breed security devices and that they become a requirement for secure and assured networking. The formation of this IPS Consortium is one strong sign that IPS has reached that maturity level and Juniper is proud and committed to offering its help in developing these next-generation secure networking standards and certifications."

Radware, Inc.

"Radware is pleased to have joined the NIPD consortium to help objectively define the future of Intrusion Prevention technology," said Amir Peles, Chief Technology Officer at Radware. "As demand for IPS solutions increase, and customer needs continue to change, the consortium will help educate end-users, while providing potential enterprise and carrier customers with credible third party information on Intrusion Prevention Systems."

Top Layer Networks, Inc.

"We are excited to assist the IT community in understanding intrusion prevention solutions and why selecting the right solution is critical for protecting critical IT assets," said Mike Paquette, vice president of technology for Top Layer Networks. "Intrusion prevention is no longer seen as a luxury for network administrators, and there has been a lot of confusion on what makes up the best intrusion prevention systems and how to evaluate them. A collaborative effort to establish fair yet rigid methodologies for testing and deploying these technologies will give customers a benchmark from which to properly measure them. The assurance that competing products are being compared accurately can only benefit customers and leading vendors alike."

iPolicy Networks, Inc.

"iPolicy Networks fully supports the objectives of the Network IPS Product Developers consortium and is proud to be a Charter Member. To protect their information resources businesses need to deploy trustworthy network-based intrusion prevention systems. The availability of standard tests, including performance tests under real-life traffic, will dissipate customers' lingering doubts about this critical technology and allow security managers to buy certified products with confidence." Pankaj Parekh, Founder and CTO of iPolicy Networks


"With Intrusion Prevention Systems becoming an integral part of many company's network security infrastructure, NitroSecurity is excited to be a charter member of the ICSA Labs Network IPS Product Developers Consortium. We look forward to working together to help define IPS testing criteria, develop certification standards, and foster mainstream adoption of IPS technology and products." Chris Harrington, Director, Threat Analysis Center, NitroSecurity

Third Brigade Inc.

"With the increasing importance of IPS as a means of mitigating corporate security risk, customers are looking for objective information for evaluating solutions from trusted third party experts. Third Brigade is proud to be a charter member of the ICSA Labs Network Intrusion Prevention Systems Product Developers (NIPD) consortium and we look forward to helping organizations meet their security requirements by contributing to the standards to which new and existing IPS technology will be judged." Brian O'Higgins CTO Third Brigade, Inc.

Intoto, Inc.

"As a long time collaborator with ICSA Labs and leading supplier of security technology to several top-tier OEMs, we are certain that the NIPD will serve as the industry's best source for information and validation of network IPS technology," stated Doug Makishima, vice president of marketing at Intoto. "ICSA Labs' track record of success, combined with its in-house expertise, will ensure a credible and comprehensive program that enterprises can rely on when evaluating IPS products."

SecureWorks, Inc.

"We are proud to be a charter member of this important consortium, " said Jon Ramsey, Chief Technology Officer at SecureWorks. "The work this group is doing has the potential to change the way business leaders see and understand the power of IPS technology. An educated buyer is always our best customer."