Testing Criteria

Certification Goals

The goal of ICSA Labs Product Certification is to significantly improve commercial computer trust and security. While recognizing that perfect computer security is unattainable, ICSA Labs' Product Certification Program provides assurance to the user community that products attaining the ICSA Labs Certified rating reduce security risks consistent with a set of publicly vetted and industry-accepted criteria. ICSA also recognizes that certification is not an event, but rather a process. To maintain a product's certification, participants in ICSA Labs' Product Certification Program must pursue technological improvements and implement a strategy of practical risk reduction.

Certification Criteria

Desktop firewalls may be submitted for testing under the PCFW Certification Program. The PCFW testing program is designed; to test both 'self-managed' (personal) or centrally managed (enterprise) desktop firewalls.

For additional information please contact Andy Hayter, Program Manager, Malcode, at 717.790.8168 or andrew.hayter@icsalabs.com.