SSL-TLS Consortium

About the SSL-TLS Product Developers' Consortium

The ICSA Labs SSL-TLS Product Developers' Consortium was established in 2003 to provide a forum in which developers of competing firewall products could work toward common goals to benefit both members and end users. Since then it has developed into an international group dedicated to collectively identifying and solving today's Internet security problems.

ICSA Lab provides dedicated consortium project management, working toward consortium objectives. ICSA Labs provides support through a variety of communication mechanisms, including:

  • Dedicated Listserv
  • ICSA Labs public SSL-TLS Web site
  • Threaded-discussion Web site
  • Meetings twice a year


The mission of the SSL-TLS Product Developer's Consortium is to use the expertise from developers to continually identify and evaluate security issues and to develop certification, knowledge and information-based solutions.

Membership Benefits

Improve Quality - Consortium developed standards, information and communication access will lead to the implementation of better security measures resulting in a safer network environment.

Influence - Members help develop product certification criteria which will be used to test products throughout the industry.

Special projects - ICSA Labs produces a SSL-TLS Industry Guide to help shorten the sales cycle and provide members additional exposure.

Expand the Market - Through end user education, vendors will gain increased recognition and credibility with the public.

Increase Sales - In addition to increased market access, SSL-TLS product certification provides additional sales punch by providing visibility and status, identifying the member's product as certified.