The Web Application Firewall Product Developers' (WAFPD) Consortium

The primary goals of the WAFPD Consortium are to: 

  • Educate end users about Web application firewall products
  • Increase the adoption of Web application firewall technology
  • Create publicly vetted, objective and credible security criteria against which Web application firewall products can be tested and certified

In addition to criteria development and the testing program, the WAFPD Consortium will develop white papers and tools to help educate and enable end users to better understand and select products that meet their functionality and security needs.

WAFPD Membership Eligibility

Does your company produce, OEM, or resell web application firewall products? Is your company interested in working together with other web application firewall product developers to accomplish common tasks including educating end users about WAFs? If so, your company may be eligible to join the WAFPD Consortium.