Bricata LLC

Bricata’s mission is to develop innovative, extensible security solutions that deliver superior long-term value to our customers. Our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable technology partner for effective, sustainable security as well as a respected contributor to our industry and social communities.

We specialize in commercial grade next generation intrusion prevention solutions (NGIPS) optimized for multi-location and high bandwidth deployments. Built on advanced open source IPS engines, Bricata delivers efficient enterprise-class solutions that combine signature-based detection with network and behavioral analysis. The result is a high performance system that substantially improves detection rates, alert efficacy, manageability, and performance at wire speed. Bricata's solution includes appliance and virtual options for various deployment scenarios including small office and retail store profiles, enterprise sized perimeter defense, as well as core data center network deployments which are ideal for identifying lateral movement and propagation of security threats that have slipped past other detection controls.



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