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ALYac/Roboscan is a leading company that has been converting innovative ideas into high-end software technology since 1993. ALYac/Roboscan’s products are highly acknowledged. We provide products and services to more than 25 million individuals, enterprises, government agencies and educational institutes. ALYac/Roboscan is now extending its business worldwide with the goal of becoming a global software company that provides software solutions to PC users worldwide. Our goal at ALYac/Roboscan is to secure the well-being of our customers and employees by building trust through our products and practices. We seek to earn the respect of our customers by providing the best service and practicing corporate responsibility Visit

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March 5, 2015

Technology Program Vendor Product Testing Reports Certification Product Version Date Certification Type Operating Systemsort icon
Anti-Malware ESTSoft Corp ALYac 3 Anti-Malware - Endpoint For Business Windows 10 64-bit