FireEye, Inc.

FireEye understands cyber attacks and the threat actors. FireEye knows that technology alone isn’t enough to combat cyber attackers.  Therefore, FireEye takes a three-pronged approach combing innovative security solutions, world-renowned expertise, and deep threat intelligence capabilities. Unlike many other solutions, FireEye addresses the entire security operations lifecycle — every critical issue before, during and after an attack. FireEye also understands the challenges and complexities that you face as you try to protect your organization against ever-evolving threats such as a shortage of security experts, inefficient processes, complex technologies and multiple siloed point products.  To extend and augment your current security operations, FireEye Managed Defense delivers expert staff to provide answers, not alerts to drive your response.

Technology Program Vendor Product Testing Reportssort icon Certification Product Version Date Certification Type Operating System
Anti-Malware FireEye, Inc. FireEye Endpoint Security Anti-Malware - Endpoint For Business Windows 10 64-bit