GajShield Infotech

GajShield provides extensive, all-around solutions to enterprises, with best-in-class features like Data Leak Prevention, Enterprise Cloud, VPN, URL filtering, virus scanning and more. GajShield aims to deliver unprecedented levels of security, performance, simplicity, functionality, and cost-efficiency, all in a single product. With GajShield’s context-based DLP, organizations can get complete visibility and control over data going out of their network using various protocols. With its advanced, context-based DLP engine, security of cloud applications like Office365 and Google Suite is assured as GajShield provides complete visibility and context on data sent from these applications. GajShield’s Enterprise Cloud gives complete reporting of roaming users, as if they are a part of the local network. Delivering comprehensive security to secure organization’s is GajShield’s highest priority, with an aim toward making the Internet a safe place to work.