Penta Security Systems Inc.

Established in 1997, Penta Security Systems Inc. is a leading cybersecurity firm in South Korea. For over two decades, it has been specializing in the development of three core technologies: 1) web application firewall, 2) database encryption, and 3) authentication. It then applies these technologies to various business areas, including enterprise security, IoT security (e.g., homes, factories, automobiles), and blockchain-based decentralized finance and data sharing solutions. Over 60% of Penta Security’s human resources work in R&D, contributing to 86 registered patents, 58 domestic and international certifications, as well as 39 industry awards.


Technology Program Vendor Product Testing Reportssort icon Certification Product Version Date Certification Type Operating System
Web Application Firewalls Penta Security Systems Inc. WAPPLES Product Family Web Application Firewall current 05/07/2021 Not Specified Proprietary